The Killer Call Control Technique That Gets Any Customer to Cut to the Chase

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When customers are over-explaining and emotional, they're in the right brain. You need to get them out of the "emotional" right brain so that they can calm down and you can take over. Asking three closed-ended questions back to back will move customers out of their right brain and into their left brain.

Watch my video to learn how to come up with and ask three closed-ended questions back-to-back.


Video Highlights

Asking three closed-ended questions, back-to-back makes your customer listen to you, be rational, and you can begin moving them toward closure when they are in the left brain. 


You'll be amazed at how quickly your customer calms down when you ask three closed-ended questions.


When my employees felt they were losing control of customers during my time managing a car rental call center, they asked three closed-ended questions. 


My employees asked these questions, as I talk about in the video.


1. What is your rental agreement number? No customer had this 13-digit number memorized. They had to stop talking to look at their receipt to get it. The pause it took to get the number immediately put control in my employees' hands. To maintain control, you need to ask all three questions.


2. Can you read me the location code in your agreement's top right-hand corner? Sometimes customers knew this number, but they still had to go to the left brain to recall it. 


3. Can you give me the exact dates of the rental?


And boom! Just like that, my employees were back in control of the conversation. This tactical is psychological. It works. I've shared with my clients for more than ten years, and this is one of the most liked techniques I've shared - because it works.


So, be sure to watch the video, and then come up with three closed-ended questions you can use to control conversations with your customers assertively!

Imagine giving your employees the psychological tactics they need to politely control calls with long-winded, rambling, or storytelling customers. Proven and polite call control tactics are ready for your employees to use when you enroll them in my Customer Service Master Class.


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