Myra Golden's Customer Service Master Class

The most comprehensive training for onboarding, up-skilling, and re-skilling customer service employees

Customer Service Master Class is the only training of its kind that not only prepares your employees to support customers with friendliness, empathy, and concern (over the phone, email, chat, and face-to-face) - but how to deliver bad news and de-escalate.

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Why Choose My Course for Customer Service Upskilling? 

Your customer service employees don't come to you with the confidence and frameworks to control calls, deliver bad news, and de-escalate - and do all of that with empathy.

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Practical Application

I teach your employees empathy, call control, and de-escalation skills they'll use right away to redirect intense interactions.


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8 High-Impact Modules

I facilitate the Customer Service master class in micro-learning format. Microlearning is a skill-based approach to learning that delivers information in small, highly focused chunks. 

Microlearning is perfect for today's remote, easily distracted, technology-based workforce!

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Knowledge Checks

I test your employees' retention after each module with an assessment. Students must earn 80% or higher on quizzes to pass the course!

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Sathya Srinivas, Capital One Bank Customer Service Specialist

Dear Myra, I loved your workshop. I would like to attend any more you have any time I am in customer service, and I will start using it on my calls starting from now day one. Awesome, most amazing. I loved it!

Powerful Worksheets

We enhance the learning with dynamic worksheets, cheat sheets, and checklists. My worksheets are PDF-fillable, which means your employees can type on the sheets and save their notes - no need to print (handy for work-from-home employees!).

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Virtual Field Trips

My virtual field trips add engagement and fun to the learning. When your employees are engaged and having fun, they're more likely to adopt and apply their takeaways to customer interactions.

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Progress Reports

Once a week, my team emails your employees an update on their progress in the course and nudges them to jump back in to complete the training.

We give you progress reports on your team's progress anytime you like! Email us, and we quickly prepare a spreadsheet showing your employees' activity in the master class.

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Sam Tinker 

You are awesome, and I thoroughly enjoyed your class. I won't lie to you, I was a bit hesitant at first. I had the typical "I already know what she's going to say" which is ironic considering what the course was about, right?! But you have such a fun presentation style, a genuinely phenomenal program, and I am grateful it was part of my employment. I've been through a LOT of bad training, so I mean this sincerely when I say you were refreshing. 

Thank you for helping myself and others, and I will look forward to anything else you may offer in the future!

Your Employees Will Love This Training, Too!

Microsoft is featuring eight of my courses to help 4.2 million job seekers in the customer service space get back to work.

You can use my courses to quickly onboard new employees, retrain your team, and as refresher development.

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Myra Golden's Customer Service Master Class is perfect for new-hire training, refresher training, and remote employees.

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Let Me Take Over Training So You Can Get Back To Running Your Business

When you get your employees in our master class, you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed with escalations, and frustrated about the lack of empathy and connection in interactions, to feeling amazed when you hear friendliness and empathy, and you realize your employees are politely controlling calls and preempting escalations.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who This Course Is For:

Your Employees...

  • Need support and easy-to-follow frameworks for consistently delivering a delightful customer experience over the phone, email, or chat.
  • Get surveys reporting they aren't friendly or helpful.
  • Occasionally deal with aggressive customers who yell, cuss, cut them off, or immediately ask for a supervisor.
  • Struggle with call control.
  • Work from home and don't have quick access to supervisors and peers for support when they talk to challenging customers.
  • Have never had specific customer service training.

Progress Reports

Track your employees' progress to see when they started the training, last sign-in, view percentage, and completion rate.

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Knowledge Checks

Quizzes after each module both assess retention and reinforce key ideas. Students must earn 80% or higher on assessments.

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Practical Application

Students learn empathy, call control, and de-escalation skills that they'll use right away to redirect intense interactions.

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"The first thing that struck us was how engaging each module was….you are asked to actively participate in each module, and there are action items you take away.” 


I can't wait to welcome your team into my customer service master class!

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