Coaching School: Managing to Eliminate Unacceptable Employee Performance


An online self-paced workshop


The most comprehensive training for preparing for performance conversations, validating employees, reeling in excuse-makers, ensuring you're fair and consistent, and nipping unacceptable performance in the bud.

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The Answer to Your Performance Headaches!

Coaching School is the only training of its kind that not only prepares leaders to walk into performance discussions with a solid 3-step plan, validate employees’ feelings, and nip problems in the bud using a 6-step framework, but also how to reel excuse-makers back in and feel more confident in discussions.

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What's Inside Coaching School?


Six modules of hands-on training.

Short High-Impact Modular Learning

I teach Coaching School in a micro-learning format. Microlearning is a skill-based approach to learning that delivers information in small, highly focused chunks. 


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Powerful Worksheets

We enhance the learning with dynamic worksheets, cheat sheets, and checklists. 

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My Coaching School is perfect for first-time managers, overwhelmed leaders, and those managing remote teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who This Course Is For:

  • You tend to ignore problems, hoping employees will self-correct
  • You sit down with good intentions for a focused conversation but end up backpedaling 
  • You fear you’ll sound nitpicky so you don’t say anything 
  • Performance meetings take longer than they should and you still don’t see improvement
  • You’ve heard employees complaining that aren’t fair or consistent
  • You have a hard time getting employees to see the problem with their performance or behavior
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Engaging video lessons, worksheets, and checklists!

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We enhance the learning with dynamic worksheets, cheat sheets, and checklists. 

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Video Lessons

Dynamic video teaching makes you feel like I'm sitting across the table from you!

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Virtual Office Hours

Once a month, I hold Office Hours. You can ask me questions about situations you struggle with.

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I can't wait to walk you through my K F D Method and my 6 Steps for Addressing Unacceptable Employee Performance!

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