Use More Personal Pronouns to Make Live Chat Friendly

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No single language choice makes live chats and emails sound more human than well-chosen pronouns. 

Personal pronouns are: I, me, you, we, us, he, him, she, her, they, them.

You already use personal pronouns every day in texts and in conversation. We all talk with the natural, casual tone that comes with personal pronouns. 

I want you to use more personal pronouns in your written conversations with customers. 

Rather than typing...

 "Because your licensing requirements weren't followed, penalties have been accessed. XYZ will not renew any license until all penalties are met and cleared."

Try instead:

 "realize it's upsetting to hear that you'll have to retake your exam and apply for a new license, particularly because you need it right now. I wish there were another way. Yet, state regulation does not let us renew licenses until you, as an agent, have paid all penalties."

Rather than 

"Based on the date of the return shipment, it's too early to see the credit processed. Check the account around 17 days from the date the item reaches the shipping warehouse."

Try instead

 "I'm sorry, your Canon EOS RI camera return hasn't been processed yet. I know you're anxious to have this completed. The return processing time can take up to 17 days from when our warehouse receives the order. I sure hope your return is processed soon."

Your live chats and emails sound exactly like the language you'd use if you were talking to your customers face-to-face - natural, friendly, and personal. 

Read your words out loud before you hit send on a live chat exchange or email. Would you be comfortable saying those words to someone in person? If not, re-word your interaction before you hit send!


Continue the conversation with me? 

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