Top 3 Ways to Calm Angry Customers

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I had an inspiring video meeting with a long-term client I started working with in 2018. My client is now at a new company, and she reached out for de-escalation training. It turns out I’m already working with her new company for de-escalation train-the-trainer.

My client, thrilled that my training is already available to her at the new company, shared her favorite tactic from my training with me. She explained, 

“The tactic I remember – the framework I use the most; the strategy that works is, ‘Ask 3-Closed-ended Questions Back-to-Back.'”

It made my day to know my client remembered, loved, and got results with one of my frameworks! After we talked, I recorded a YouTube video featuring the powerful “Ask 3-Closed-ended Questions Back-to-Back” tactic.

You can ask three closed-ended questions to control conversations, calm customers down, and guide them to the next steps.

Learn the tactic that my client raved about in the video I quickly recorded! 

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