National Customer Service Week Day 2! (2023)

celebrating national customer service week national customer service week

Welcome to Day 2 of National Customer Service Week! Before we get into today's topic, let me ask: How did you celebrate yesterday? 

Did you make your list of ten things that make you happy? Remember, you are the magic; you must protect your magic by nurturing yourself.


If you missed yesterday and don't know what I'm talking about, go back and watch my video from Day 1!


Today, for Day 2 of National Customer Week, I'm breaking down how your word choice and phrasing could prime your customers to ask for more or to talk to your supervisor. 

(You don't want to miss my session!)


You need to send the message that your word is the final answer and that it would simply be a waste of time to ask for anything else or to talk to a supervisor.

Meet me at National Customer Service Week's official website for 

Say This, Not That: How Word Choice and Phrasing Impacts Outcomes with Customers."

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