How to Use Psychological Priming to Get Customers to Accept Your Word As Final

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Some of you know my undergrad degree is in Psychology. I taught college psych for several years before jumping into the customer service space.

I apply psychological principles to all my work in de-escalation and call control. 

In last week’s super-fantastic 4-day De-escalation Academy, I taught my students how to use psychology to get angry customers to back down and accept their word as final.

Come inside De-escalation Academy for a 2-minute training on Psychological Priming to Get Customers to Accept Your Word As Final. And share this with your agents.

Watch the video now! And grab the fillable worksheet so your employee can practice priming. 

Continue the Conversation with Me?

If you found this video helpful, check out my De-escalation AcademyDe-escalation Academy is the only training for customer service that not only shows your employees how to redirect verbal aggression and regain control of interactions - but how to get customers to accept their word as final.  

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