How to Enforce a Mask Mandate In Your Health Center, Museum, Library, or Theater

enforcing a mask mandate


2021 Throwback Post

This morning I recorded a short training on handling the most challenging mask questions. Like, “Why do you have a mask requirement?” and “What do you do when customers politicize masks?”

If you’re struggling with face-covering issues with customers, you’re not alone. Watch my short training (below) for answers to your top questions. 

Video Question Markers

Why do you require masks? 3:43 

Why do you have photos of people wearing masks on your website when you don’t require covers? 5:12 

You have a mask requirement, but I just saw a photo on FaceBook of someone not wearing a mask at your facility! 6:41 

When face coverings become political 13:32

How do you enforce a mask policy when the immediate community does not have a mandate? 18:55

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