How do I move a call to closure when I can't give the customer what they want?

call control

Yesterday I held a live Q&A on YouTube, which was engaging, educational, and energizing! Questions came in from Idaho, Germany, North Carolina, Georgia, the UK, and Denver. 

Watch the replay to hear my answers to the following:

4:04: Can you answer how to phrase the USA method if the client received an incorrect item, we can offer a replacement or refund due to practice and send a small electronic gift certificate while the client is upset she is not going to get the item for an event.

7:40: How do we push the human factor and the psychological side of dealing with the customer but still look at the KPIs of the company?

14:31: How do we move the call to closure when we can’t give the customer what they’re asking?

17:33: How do we convince upper management that our language needs to be personal and not generic in chat and CS response?

20:35: How do you conclude a call when a customer continues to talk and vent, even though you’ve offered the available options?

50:20: German standards are very different from US standards, and my challenge is to wow customers, but quality points are wearing the agents down.

And lots and lots of quality assurance!



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