Emotional Agility in De-escalation for Customer Service: How to Navigate Tricky Situations with Poise and Empathy

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Our brains tend to constrict when faced with demanding, difficult or desperate customers, and we have fewer options available. When faced with conflict, our brains go into flight, fight, or freeze mode. 


I'm sure you've heard of the flight, flight, freeze response. Here's how the flight/fight/freeze response might look when dealing with difficult customers.




You become defensive, or aggressive and this is evident in your words, tone, or attitude. Or all three. 




Your interaction with the customer is so intense that you want to escape. Usually, this manifests itself in a quick escalation to your supervisor, or just giving the store away to get out of the intense interaction.



We are limited in our options because our brain constricts in the intensity of the interaction. We literally can't think. We don't know what to say or do. 


Managing emotions (yours and the customers) is crucial for a positive outcome when dealing with angry or desperate customers. So, I have help for you. I've unlocked four training lessons from two of my popular courses: De-escalation for Customer Service and Delivering Bad News to Customers.


Come inside my classroom. You can zip through these lessons in about fifteen minutes.


Empathize and Acknowledge.

This lesson from my De-escalation course on LinkedIn Learning is the perfect example of how to empathize and acknowledge when things go wrong, and you have no option at the moment.

Be regretful, but direct with customers from De-Escalating Conversations for Customer Service by Myra Golden


This lesson, also from my de-escalation course, prepares you to recognize your customers' emotions when you need to de-escalate. Check it out!


Recognize the customer's emotions from De-Escalating Conversations for Customer Service by Myra Golden


Stay Calm and Listen Actively.

Here's help for not taking things personally when it really feels personal - from my De-escalation Training.


Dealing with your own frustration from De-Escalating Conversations for Customer Service by Myra Golden

  • Maintain a composed demeanor to prevent the situation from escalating.
  • Practice active listening to understand their concerns without interruptions.


Offer Solutions and Alternatives.

The more options a customer has, the more likely they are to calm down! Watch this video lesson to learn more about optioning. 

Offer options to guide customers forward and preempt escalations from Delivering Bad News to a Customer by Myra Golden

  • Provide viable solutions or alternatives to address their issues.
  • Demonstrate empathy by offering personalized assistance and support.

Your team can effectively navigate challenging customer interactions by implementing strategies that foster positive relationships and loyalty.


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