Customer Temper Tantrums Can Look Like This

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Customer Temper Tantrums Can Look Like This

  • Over-talking you
  • Demanding to talk to your supervisor
  • Cursing you out
  • Refusing to listen to you
  • Threatening to slam your company on social media
  • Name-calling
  • Explosive reactions

Here's how you handle the customer who is having a tantrum: 4 Steps

One. Give them radio silence. Listen attentively, yet don't say anything. Eventually, the customer will stop ranting to check to see if you're still on the line. When they ask, "Are you still there?" Answer, "Yes, I'm here. I can see you're upset, and I'm giving you the chance to speak." This awkward pause is your opportunity to jump in and regain control.

Two. Acknowledge their emotions. In your assertive voice, recognize the customer's explosive reaction: "I realize this whole thing is frustrating for you."

Three. State your boundary if the customer continues with the tantrum. "If a few minutes help you to calm down, you can certainly call us back." Or, "I'm happy to help you, but I can't do that while listening to this language. It's up to you. Do you want to let me help you?" 

Four. Push the panic button or end the interaction. If you've followed the first three steps and your customer continues in their tantrum, escalate to your supervisor or complete the exchange by saying something like, "Dawn, I've explained that I can't help you while you use that language. I will disconnect, and you can contact us another time."

Talk to your manager if you have concerns about the best way to handle intense interactions.

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