Customer Service Employees Are Therapists, Cops, Negotiators, and Conflict Resolution Experts.

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Is every other customer demanding, “Get me a manager?”

Do you find your customers more intense?

Are your employees burning out or quitting?

It’s not just you. Everyone is seeing this change.

I just read this quote from the New York Times.

“The meanness of the public has forced many public-facing industries to rethink what used to be an article of faith: that the customer is always right. If employees are now having to take on many unexpected roles—therapists, cop, conflict-resolution negotiator—then workplace managers are acting as security guards and bouncers to protect their employees.”

My De-escalation Academy for Customer Service will help you bring down the temperature with those mean customers. I’ll show you how to transfer customers out of the emotional right-brain and guide them to the next steps inside the Academy.


If your team struggles to get angry customers to back down, get them in De-escalation Academy.

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