Bring Life to Dead Air Space on Customer Calls

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There may be moments of silence or dead air during customer calls while you are looking up information or waiting for a response. To avoid awkwardness during silence, try these three approaches.


Tell your customer what you're doing:


  • "I am currently looking up the information you requested. Please bear with me for a moment while I find the answer."
  • "Thank you for your patience. I am working on finding a solution to your issue and will have an answer for you shortly."
  • "While I am searching for the information you need, is there anything else you would like assistance with?"


Try Signposting

Imagine you're driving on a highway in an unfamiliar city, and you see a sign that says your exit is 2 1/2 miles away. You'll get in the right-hand lane so you don't miss your exit. The posted sign makes things easier for you. 


Signposting on phone calls works the same way. You'll *signpost" to tell your customer what's coming up, so they can be ready. Here are some example signposting statements you could use instead of letting dead-air space linger.

  • "I'll need you and your spouse on the line in a few moments."
  • "I'll be ready for your credit card number after I take your shipping details."
  • "I'll send you an email shortly with all the details of our conversation."


Finally, you can place your customer on hold.

Use your call-holding feature with music or informative messages to keep customers engaged while they wait for you to wrap up things. Just be sure to check in with your customer after two or three minutes if your work takes an extended time. 


Time waiting on your computer or data entry doesn't have to be awkward. Proactively use the space to tell customers what you're doing, signpost what's ahead, or place the caller on a brief hold, and things will be smooth and easy.


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