7-Step Call Flow Strategy for Customer Service Calls

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The telephone is a powerful branding tool, providing 3-5 minutes of undivided customer attention. A successful interaction can create a memorable experience, generate positive word-of-mouth advertising, and build customer loyalty, leading to increased profits. This usually requires a call strategy or call flow. Here’s a 7-step plan to create a friendly and efficient customer experience over the phone.


To help you improve your telephone customer experience, I want you to set three goals using a method I use to close all of my workshops: Start, Stop, and Continue.

Here’s what you do.

Write down one thing you’ll START doing based on something you’ve learned in this video.

Next, what’s one thing you commit to STOP doing? 

Finally, what’s one thing you’ll CONTINUE to do?  I’m sure you’re already successfully supporting your customers in many ways. What's one of the things you’re doing really well? To reinforce the good habit, write it down.

Simple exercises like this can help you capture your biggest takeaways and inspire you to put them into practice.

Download the 7 phrases.


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