4 Ways to Add Human Tone to Chat Support

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Chat support is not supposed to be rote like an ATM transaction. The idea is to insert a personal tone to build rapport and delight customers. You can do four things in chat interactions, starting today, to make them more human.

One. Use personal pronouns.

Use “I,” We,” “You,” and “Your” personal pronouns because they instantly make the tone unique. A QVC chat agent did this well with me: “MS. GOLDEN, I’M SO SORRY THE Camera HASN’T BEEN PROCESSED YET. I KNOW YOU’RE ANXIOUS TO HAVE THIS COMPLETED. THE RETURN PROCESSING TIME CAN TAKE UP TO 17 DAYS FROM THE DATE AN ORDER IS RETURNED TO QVC. I HOPE YOUR ITEM IS PROCESSED SOON.”

Scan your messages before sending them to look for opportunities to switch things up and add pronouns. Instead of “Dream Studio apologizes for the issue,” say, “I am very sorry to hear about the recent disappointment in our studio.”

Two. Acknowledge customer concerns.

Speak to your customer’s pain point, “I realize this has been frustrating for you.” Or “I hope your item is processed soon.”

Three. Apologize when appropriate.

A sincere apology helps you restore confidence and regain goodwill. And research shows an apology is a powerful de-escalation tool. Your apology can be as simple as, “I’m sorry your tablet isn’t charging for you.”

Four. End chats on a positive note.

I chatted last month with Cox Communications, and the agent said, “I’m so glad we could work together to resolve your issue!” I teach this stuff, and yet, that closing made me say, wow!

Making chat friendly and personable is pretty straightforward. Write like you talk, focusing on making emotional connections and creating rapport in every message you type. Drop these four tips in your chat, and you’ll have human-tone chats that impress customers. 

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