20 Phrases to Set Boundaries with Difficult Customers

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Dealing with difficult customers who use profanity or make racist remarks requires clear and assertive communication. Here are 20 professional phrases I share in my de-escalation workshops to help you set boundaries effectively:


  1. "I must insist on respectful communication during our interaction."
  2. "I cannot continue this conversation if disrespectful language is used."
  3. "I'm dedicated to helping, but I require respectful dialogue."
  4. "Let's focus on resolving the issue without using offensive language."
  5. "I'm committed to assisting you, but I won't tolerate disrespectful behavior."
  6. "I understand your frustration, but I cannot engage when offensive remarks are made."
  7. "I'm here to helpbut I cannot accept discriminatory language."
  8. "I must ask that we communicate professionally and respectfully."
  9. "I value your input, but I need you to communicate without using offensive words."
  10. "I take all customer concerns seriouslybut I require respectful interaction."
  11. "I'm dedicated to finding a solution, but I cannot tolerate disrespectful conduct."
  12. "Let's work together to address the issue respectfully and professionally."
  13. "I'm committed to assisting you, provided our communication remains respectful."
  14. "I understand your frustrationbut I cannot tolerate derogatory language."
  15. "I'm here to help, but I need you to communicate respectfully for us to proceed."
  16. "I'm committed to resolving thisbut I cannot engage in disrespectful dialogue."
  17. "I cannot continue this conversation if offensive language is used."
  18. "I'm dedicated to assisting but require respectful communication."
  19. "I value your business but insist on respectful and professional interaction."
  20. "I'm here to help but cannot engage with discriminatory language or behavior."

These phrases assert your commitment to assisting the customer while firmly setting boundaries against the use of profanity or racist remarks.


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