Myra's A/V Requirements

Meeting the Following Requirements Helps Ensure a Dynamic Event with Myra!


Meeting the following requirements helps ensure a dynamic delivery.

A/V equipment

Myra will bring her own laptop with a backup of her presentation on a flash drive. She requires an LCD projector.

If you’d like to pre-load Myra’s slide deck on one of your laptops, just let us know, and we’ll get Myra’s slides to you ahead of her presentation.

For all training sessions, Myra requires audio speakers capable of amplifying to your entire group, as she shows short video clips in training sessions. Myra typically does NOT need audio for keynotes.

Please provide a wireless lavaliere microphone for all keynotes and breakout sessions and if you have a training group size of 50 people or more.

Stage Preference

For keynotes and breakouts, please set the room up theater-style. Classroom style is the ideal setup for Myra’s training sessions.

Myra does not use a lectern. However, we’re aware that her introducer may use one. If you can place the podium in a corner of the stage (preferably, lower right-hand corner), it can remain on stage and not interfere with Myra’s movement and interaction.

Stage Placement

The stage works best placed in the middle of the room and approximately 3-6 feet from the first row of chairs. Myra likes to come down from the stage to interact with the audience. When the stage is set too far from your attendees, it inhibits her ability to involve them in the presentation.

Room environment

A bright stage will help keep your audience alert and focused on Myra. She will work the entire stage area and will stay toward the front edge, and she will walk into the audience. Please dim the lighting on the screens but keep the house lights up.

Recording of presentation

Myra’s material is protected by copyright. Audio and/or video recording is permitted and encouraged as this will provide a potent reinforcement for your audience. A separate recording agreement must be signed before the event.