Room Setup for Training Events

Since Myra's training is highly interactive, with many table exercises, she likes to seat participants into groups of four to eight. It's best to not have anyone's back to Myra. Tables can be round, rectangles, or squares. It's best to avoid large boardroom-style tables, but if that's your only option, we'll work with it. 

Space for a High-Engagement Forced-Conflict Activity

In Myra's de-escalation and customer service workshops, she forces conflict with your team in a fun exercise. Myra must have a space large enough to accommodate fourteen students. For a better understanding of the activity and space requirements, watch this video. Myra will not facilitate this activity if there are fewer than eight learners. 


A/V Equipment

Myra will bring her own laptop with a backup of her presentation on a flash drive. She requires an LCD projector.

Please provide a wireless Lavaliere microphone for all keynotes and breakout sessions and if you have a training group size of 50 people or more.


Audio Note

Myra needs audio for some workshops, so it's a good idea to have it available. When Myra designs your training outline, she determines if you must set up audio.

FAQ About Room Setup, A/V, and More