How to Introduce Myra

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Important Note: The introduction is a crucial part of Myra’s presentation. Done properly, it establishes Myra’s credibility and sets an upbeat tone.

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Myra Golden helps companies create the best possible customer experience. She has designed and delivered training for the CDC, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, AARP, Ally Bank, Michelin Tires, Frito Lay, Vera Bradley, Salesforce, and others.


Over 1 million people have taken Myra's LinkedIn Learning courses; her YouTube channel has over 64,000 subscribers and over 5 million views. Huffington Post named her one of the top Customer Service bloggers.

She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Psychology and a Master's in Human Relations.


When she was 17, Myra complained about poor service at JC Penney and offered suggestions on how the store could improve, and the store manager offered her a job on the spot!


On average, she rides 30 miles a week on her Peloton.


The Jacksonville Jaguars were the worst team in the NFL for back-to-back years. Immediately after Myra trained the Jaguars Guest Experience Team in November 2022, the football team made the playoffs and won their division. Myra likes to think her Golden Touch made all the difference!


Myra has taught college and university students, served on corporate boards, and been Home-Room Mom and PTA Board Member.


Please help me welcome….Myra Golden!