Room Setup for Teams Gathering in a Conference Room

Gathering Your Team Together in a Conference Room for Myra's Live Digital Workshop?



Some clients gather their teams in a conference room for live digital events. If you plan to be in one room, here’s some guidance. (Note: If your team dials in from home or separate locations, that also works well!)

Seating arrangement

I like to have participants seated in small groups of 4-7 at rectangular or circular tables, with no one’s back to the camera. I want to call out to tables after small group discussions. Please place tents on each table with a number. If you have eight tables, for example, give each table a number and write that number large and bold on the tent. 

Camera angle

I want to be able to see the entire group. You can share the group through one wide-angle lens or multiple cameras.


Please set up microphones so I can easily hear each participant at each table when they share with the large group.